About Our Governors

Our Attendance at LGB Meetings and a record of our business and pecuniary interests

Together we form the Local Governing Body of Springwest Academy.  We audit our skills as governors to ensure that we have the right mix of people and talent to best support the success of the school. We all undertake safeguarding training every year and three of us are trained in safer recruitment.  We have a Clerk, Rebecca Wilson, who takes our minutes and advises us of our legal responsibilities.

Below is a table of our Governors, their business and pecuniary interests which are updated live and attendance at meetings 2019-20.  September 2020 Simon Hart replaced Mariella Wilson as Principal

Type of Governor Name Date appointed End Additional role Employer Other Declared Interests - Live Updates Meetings (2019-20) Number attended
Co-opted David Snaddon 08-Dec-15 07-Dec-19 Member Vice Chair Brother: AC Business occasionally used by the Trust 3 3
Staff Maria Alvarez 14-Mar-18 13-Mar-22 Tudor Park Education Trust None 3 3
Co-opted Anisah Hussain 10-10-19 09-10-23 St James Senior Boys School None 3 2
Co-opted Daniella Lawson 17-Oct-17 16-Oct-21 Director & Chair of LGB None 3 3
Co-opted Adam House 17-Oct-18 16-Oct-22 Kingston Grammar School None 3 3
Co-opted Mei Lin 10-Oct-19 09-Oct-23 Reach Children's Hub None 3 3
Parent Clive Brooks 10-Oct-19 09-Oct-23 BP Sunbury ICBT None N/A N/A
Principal Simon Hart 01-09.20 N/A Tudor Park Education Trust None N/A N/A
Parent Vacancy

Mr Snaddon (Vice Chair)

I am the Vice Chair of the Local Governing Body and am acting as Chair until we appoint a new Chair at our next meeting in December.  I have been a Governor of Springwest and previously  FCC since 1988 and have in the past been Chair of the Governing Body and Chair of Finance. I am  one of the five Members of Tudor Park Education Trust. I am a former pupil of Feltham Community College and was a researcher at the Financial Times newspaper for 26 years. I am pleased to be able to support the local community in which I have always lived. I have a strong belief in high performing local schools for local students to open opportunities to successful careers and adult lives. I am an historian and very much enjoy gathering together a history of our local community.

Ms Alvarez Staff Governor

Maria Alvarez teaches Spanish and is Lead Expert Teacher at Springwest.

Daniella Lawson (Chair of LGB)

I was delighted to have been appointed a governor for Springwest Academy in October 2017. I have now been elected Chair and therefore I am also a Director of our Trust (Tudor Park Education Trust)  I am a qualified solicitor, and have previously worked in private practice, as managing partner of a multidisciplinary firm. Whilst there,  I volunteered as a  legal advisor for the Citizens Advice Bureau at the Royal Courts of Justice and today I sit on a committee raising funds for research and treatment of childhood cancers. I am the mother of two teenage boys and passionate about the value of education, and providing opportunities to young people.  I am very keen to apply my prior experience to my role as governor, and have taken responsibility for safeguarding at the school, to ensure the that the health and wellbeing of the students are protected in all our activities.

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