Consultation on reducing our Pupil Admission Number for 1 September 2018 – let us know your views

Consultation on late Change to the Pupil Admission Numbers (PAN) for Yr7 September 2018

Springwest Academy

Springwest Academy (formerly Feltham Community College) is part of Tudor Park Education Trust.

May 2016

Springwest Academy would like to propose a late reduction in their Pupil Admission Numbers (PAN) with effect from 1 September 2018.

Although the Regulations and Code of Practice relating to school admissions only requires an admissions authority to consult at least every 7 years rather than every year when maintaining your Policy or increasing your PAN, there remains a requirement to consult when there is a proposal to reduce a PAN.

Springwest Academy, as the admissions authority, is seeking comments on the proposed change. The consultation will last for 6 weeks but it does fall outside 1st October to 31st January timeline for determining changes to admission arrangements in the determination year 2018-19.   Admission authorities may propose variations where they consider such changes to be necessary in view of a major change in circumstances. Such proposals must be referred to the Secretary of State for approval.



Springwest Academy proposes to reduce the published admission number of the school from 245 to 180 with effect from 1 September 2018.

We do not propose to make any other changes to our admissions policy.

Factors have been considered by Springwest Academy in deciding to consult on this proposal are;

  • The school has not had a total roll past 180 in the past 5 years except for the current Year 7 and 8 which currently stands at 208 and 200 respectively. Year 7 PAN for 2017 is 245 and Springwest Academy has offered places over PAN to support the LA.
  • Latest pupil figures from the LA which have just been released show a significant unexpected increase in surplus places 2018-20. There is a predicted 200 place surplus in these years. Historically this level of surplus places in the Local Authority has resulted in Year Groups of less than 180; leaving the school with 65 unfilled places in the year group.
  • The request to reduce the PAN is supported by the Local Authority.
  • The school is committed to increasing the PAN again if the local context dictates a need for this in the future.


How to Respond

This consultation will run from 12th May 2017 to 27th June 2017 and you are invited to submit comments in writing about the proposal above to the CEO of Tudor Park Education Trust, Browell’s Lane, Feltham, Middlesex, TW13 7Ef


Full details of our ADMISSIONS POLICY 2018-19 as agreed in January 2017 can be found on our website

Following the consultation period Springwest Academy will consider any comments received and make a business case to the Department for Education.