Distance Learning

We are keen for our students to have access to our education when not on our school site. We primarily facilitate this through the use of making full use of G-Suite for education. All students have access to a school email address (typically f.surname@stu.springwestacademy.org)giving them the ability to sign on from anywhere. Further information is given on this page to support you in navigating our online platform.

We are aware that some students will have limited access to the internet when not on the school site. As such we will be providing hardcopy alternatives for these students.

Your child should already know how to access work off-site. However, should you need support with this you can email distance@springwestacademy.org or text 07860 055 215 (start your message with the letters DL)

What does distance learning look like?

We have been working hard with staff to develop a common approach to Distance Learning. Our prefered format is through the use of an online platform Google Classroom. This can be accessed from a phone, tablet, laptop or any other internet enabled device.

We know that access to the internet looks different in all houses which is why our timetables should used as guidance. We are also working on a bank of printed resources that will be able to be collected from site once lockdown has been lifted.



Both a website and an app, this allows staff to share content with students. It also allows students to return work for marking to staff.

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We have ensured our resources can be accessed on any device to make them as available as possible. Students can even complete work on their phones.


The virtual teacher

Some staff will make use of this online chat room to talk students through new material as if they were in class. These sessions are recorded both to allow access at a later date and for Safeguarding purposes.

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Year 10

Material is now being produced on a daily basis for all Year 10 students according to the timetable set below. We expect those students that have access to engage with the material that is posted. Staff are on hand to support students through this work and have been asked to give immediate feedback where possible.

There will be two subjects set each day. Students should check their school email addresses regularly.


Think of this a bit like a social media feed. Teachers can post material for students to engage with and set assignments to be completed. Accessible on any device, students work is held in one. This is our primary method of setting work for students.

All students are part of a Classroom for their Year group, for instance Intake 2019 is for students who would have joined the school as Year 7 in 2019. Class teachers may have their own Classrooms, especially for Year 10 and 11.


We are putting together bespoke timetables for each year group and would suggest that students focus on completing work during two periods of the day.

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