Police warning about dangerous cycling in Hounslow and Feltham –

Please be aware that the police have written to all parents about the dangerous way in which a number of young people are riding their bikes.  The popularity of cycling is hugely increased but it is creating a problem in recent months with people riding up the middle of roads, pavements and cycle ways without due care and attention.  The latest craze for ‘wheelies’ is causing danger to the cyclists themselves, pedestrians and car users.

All cyclist should be wearing helmets and must ride with due care and attention.  As a school we are very aware of the dangers that our young people face when taking risks, particularly on their journey to and from home.  Please support us and the police in keeping yourself or your child safe.  If you see one of our students riding dangerously please let us know.


13th June 2018 – letter from police


Dear Parent

am sending this letter to all parents via the school in relation to young people riding to and from school on bikes in a dangerous and inconsiderate manner, putting themselves and other road users at risk of serious harm.

Unfortunately, now the weather has improved we are aware that some young people are riding their bikes in the middle of the road, doing wheelies and riding on the wrong side of the road, causing great distress to other road users.  This is also occurring in the evenings and at the weekend.

You may be aware of a video circulating on the internet of a young person riding in this manner and very nearly being hit by a car. The mother of that child openly admits that she didn’t realise that her child would behave in such a dangerous manner and that she thought better of him.

Please ask yourself honestly whether you know what your child is like when you are not with them and they are out with friends!

Please talk to your child about this topic, discuss peer pressure and explain how it can make them do very silly things. If that means you are the nagging parent, then that’s ok. I know I would rather be a nagging parent than one getting a phone call or visit from the police potentially with devastating news!

The Metropolitan Police will not tolerate this behaviour and will take action should cyclists be found to be riding in this manner.

If you feel your child would benefit from cycle training, please contact for details of courses available or go to the website:-


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