Revision Support

We know that GCSEs are challenging for the entire family. We are determined to support you as best we can. We hope that you find the information below useful.

How Long should my child revise for?

Our advice that all students should be following a ‘Pomodoro’ style revision timetable of 5-6 25min slots a day. This helpful video explains more.

What does revision look like?

Seeing your child with their head in a book may seem on the surface like they are revising well. We know that it is the application of this knowledge that makes a real difference. That can be much harder to measure.

Our English and maths departments have put together the following advice to help you understand what revision should look like.

In order to successfully revise for English Literature GCSE, students need to produce revision notes that challenge them to not only have learned knowledge but to be able to apply this to exam style questions.

Check that their revision has covered these key areas:

FACTS: Some clear ideas or quotations about the text they are revising

APPLY: What they learn from these ideas

CONNECT: What connections can they make to the writer and their purpose?

EXAM: Apply this to an exam question as an answer.

The students have also been provided with revision booklets for the English Language GCSE. Each booklet has been broken down into:

  • The different questions with what they are expected to do
  • Example answers that would get full marks
  • Help with planning their own answer
  • Space to then write their own answer

Ensure that your child has followed all of these steps as they are designed to prevent them from making mistakes.

The students should spend 30 minutes on Maths revision every night.

If they complete the paper this should be attempted in one sitting. Every Maths exam paper lasts 90 minutes.

1)     Practice papers – this will be provided on a weekly basis and emailed to  parents.

2)     Mathswatch tasks– set by the teacher or use a list of topics

Login: student’s email address (

Password: factor

3)     If all above is completed please go to – exam papers online.

4)     Flashcards to practice remembering the formulas can be used twice a week for 5 minutes.

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