Centre for Students with a Physical Disability

The Centre (Centre for Students with a Physical Disability)

The Centre at Springwest Academy has accommodated Hounslow’s centre for secondary aged students with physical disabilities since 1992. Our Centre has twelve places for students from year 7 to year 13. We are proud of our success in integrating students with a wide range of often complex physical and sensory needs. Staff, students and governors are fully supportive of our centre.

The Curriculum.

All students have access to the full Curriculum at key stage 3, 4 and 5. Withdrawal from mainstream lessons to the Centre for interventions is according to student need. Where necessary the students have access to specialised programmes tailored for their specific needs. This often includes lessons in small groups.


The Centre firmly believes that the best outcomes for our students can only be achieved through a strong partnership between school and parents/carers. We also believe that it is crucial to involve the young person themselves in this partnership. All students have a Centre member of staff who acts as a key worker and there is frequent contact home through the use of home contact books, telephone calls or emails.

There are strong transition programmes involving all parties working with individual students.

We welcome visits and regular contact with parents/carers.

Access and Facilities

The Centre is fully equipped with a range of moving and handling equipment, including several tracking hoists. Staff are trained annually in manual handling and moving of students. Students’ personal care needs are carefully met.

We have additional ramped areas, two lifts, automatic double doors and five accessible toilets across the school site.

Additional specialist equipment is specifically matched to individual students’ needs.

Therapy provision for students within the Centre is provided through the NHS with support from Centre staff.


All students are supported to go on trips and residential placements. Mainstream students are invited to join in various activities hosted by the Centre. The Centre is staffed during unstructured times and students are encouraged to invite their friends to join them. Students also enjoy other facilities around the Springwest site during unstructured time, with staff support if necessary.

Our aims.

  • To promote access to mainstream education for students with a physical disability or sensory impairments so that they maximise their full potential.
  • To offer broad, balanced and dynamic support, individually tailored to support the academic, physical, personal and social development of each individual student.
  • To facilitate the inclusion of disabled students (including students with sensory impairments) in all areas of school life, wherever possible, and with reasonable adjustments.
  • To promote self-esteem and self-worth at all times.
  • To communicate effectively with parents and external agencies to help ensure the continuity of students’ needs are met in school and in the wider community.
  • To promote awareness and celebration of difference and disability within the school.To enable students to live as independent a life as possible as an adult and for them to become productive, valued and fulfilled members of society.
  • To enable students to live as independent a life as possible as an adult and for them to become productive, valued and fulfilled members of society.

Contact details.

For further information regarding the Centre, please contact:

0208 831 3023

Jade Rayner-Jones - Head of Centre for Students with a Physical Disability


All admissions to the Centre are managed by the local authority. Further discussion regarding the admission procedure should be directed to:

Dawn Botha - Director of Inclusion


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