Frequently Asked Questions

We know that you will have questions about how school is planning to operate. We have have posted here some responses you may find useful. If your question has not been answered by the information on this page please email us.

Does my child have to return to school?

Yes. All students are expected to return to school full time unless self-isolating or quarantining as indicated above. This is in line with the current government guidance.

What if my child or someone in my family is vulnerable or shielding?

The government shielding advice paused on August 1st. As a result, there is no longer a requirement for anyone to shield at this current time. If a local outbreak occurs, families will receive a letter asking them to shield. Therefore, all students should be attending school as normal.

What happens when my child arrives at school?

On arrival, all students should enter through their designated entrance (car park gate for Years 7-9, Maths block gate for Years 10 and 11) and make their way to their designated outside space and remain there until asked to enter the building.

What does my child need to bring to school?

All students should wear their school uniform as normal. Students should also bring their own pencil case and equipment as normal. We would also like all students to bring their own personal hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes which they will keep in their bag and use as required.

Who will students be working with?

Lessons will continue as normal and students will work with staff and other students in classrooms. Majoritively students will remain in their classes whilst staff move between rooms. Split lunches for Year 7-9 will enable us to contain pupils in half year group bubbles (approximately 100 students). Year 10 and Year 11 will operate Year group bubbles.

Will classrooms be shared?

Predominantly no. Each year group has been allocated a specific area of the school from where the majority of their lessons will take place. Specific procedures for entry, exit and cleaning have been put in place in computer rooms and similar shared spaces.

What hygiene procedures will you have in place?

Extensive hand washing and sanitising procedures for all students and staff at the start of the day and after break and lunch time; increased cleaning of the building throughout the day and each evening; hand sanitiser and wipes available in all rooms. We will also have specific cleaning procedures for when students are using ICT equipment or rooms and for when there are lesson changes between bubbles.

Can my child wear a face covering?

Students must wear a face covering when in the school building unless they are exempt. If you feel your child is exempt, please contact their Pastoral Mentor to let them know.

Can my child wear gloves?

Gloves should be removed on arrival at school and students should wash their hands after doing so. Gloves should also be stored in a sealed bag throughout the day and should not be used in schools. Instead, we encourage and recommend regular hand sanitisation as a more effective way of avoiding cross contamination.

What are the arrangements for break and lunch time?

Each year group has been designated outside and inside space for use during break periods. Food will be served from these locations at lunch.

Year 7: Sunken Gardens and Canteen
Year 8: Main Playground and Gym
Year 9: Field and Main Hall
Year 10: Raised Gardens and Library
Year 11: Rear Maths Block and Gated Playground and KS4 Zone

What are the arrangements for PE?

All students will have PE as normal, however we are asking that on days where pupils have PE their wear their sports kit in place of their uniform to eliminate the need for changing.

Are there any changes to your behaviour policy?

As always, our expectation of student behaviour is high. Students who fail to meet these expectations will be dealt with in line with our behaviour policy. Where these behaviours are linked to unsafe COVID-19 behaviours, we may need to take further action to ensure our students and staff remain safe. This may mean your child being sent home; being unable to attend for a period of time; or in extreme cases, not being allowed to return to Springwest. See our updated behaviour policy on the school website for more details.

Will there be assemblies?

Yes, we intend to run a normal routine of assemblies. Students will be seated with their bubble. Thorough cleaning will take place between sessions.

What if my child is unwell?

Please follow the guidance here for attendance.

What if my child or a member of my family is unwell with COVID-19 symptoms?

If your child is unwell with COVID-19 symptoms, you should keep them at home and contact us ASAP. You must then arrange a test for your child ASAP and inform us of the result. If the test is positive, you should then follow the government guidance on self isolation. If the test is negative, your child may return to school when they are feeling better.

How are you supporting the Test and Trace procedure?

We will be monitoring who your child has come into prolonged contact with, in case we need to support a test and trace process after a positive test. Each lesson will have an identified seating plan so we know who students are sitting with throughout the day. As a result, if a student or member of staff tests positive, we can provide the necessary information as required.

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