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Welcome to our ‘Springwest Survival Kit’ revision support page. On this page you will find information and guidance from a range of teachers and subjects.  All Year 11 students have been introduced to the Pomodoro revision technique: 4x 20 minutes of targeted revision with a 5 minute break in between. This is followed by a longer break at the end. There are Pomodoro style timetables available on each form group’s Google Classroom for students to plan out their personal revision at home.

We hope that parents/carers find this page as helpful as our students. Students should let their tutors know if they have any questions

Ms Horoz (Assistant Principal – KS4)

Watch the videos below for some helpful revision techniques to get you started.

The Leitner Technique

Use of Maths Revision

Ranking and Cornell Notes


Blurting Technique

Using Flashcards to Revise GCSE English

Dual Coding in Science

Using the Maths Revision Guide

1) Use Your Guided Revision List – This list has been shared with you by your teacher. Go through the list of topics starting at the top. Use the link or the video number provided for Dr Frost.

2) Use the Dr Frost website –

Login: school email address      Password: set individually by the student

If you haven’t got an account yet, please speak to your teacher.

3) Create Flashcards – Practice remembering the formulas can be used accordingly using the Leitner system.

4) Click the buttons below to visit some useful websites.

Use the revision checklist on your Google Classroom to target your revision so that you are revising the correct topics for each assessment.

Click on the buttons below for some useful Science revision websites.

Use the revision booklet on Language Paper 1. Ensure that you understand the different requirements of the questions.

Mindmap key words for the theme of conflict in ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and sue quotations to support them.

Click on the links below for some useful revision websites.

Use the revision checklist on your google classroom to plan and RAG your revision. You can also RAG practice exam questions to target those you need more practice here.

Click on the links below for some useful revision resources.

Click on the links below for some useful websites to support your revision.

Click on the links below for some useful revision websites.

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