December Newsletter – have a read.

The last half term has been busy as ever at Springwest. In the past 2 weeks Y11 have completed mock GCSE examinations and our Christmas Jumper day plus the delicious Christmas Lunch were much enjoyed! I also wanted to let you know that after 8 years of outstanding service, Nick Grant our Chair of Governors has stood down. A big thank you to Nick and a warm welcome to Daniella Lawson who was elected as the new Chair last week.

We are delighted that our Progress 8 score for 2017 – the main new headline accountability measure used by the government – at +0.13 was positive and well above zero. In 2017 students’ achievement in both English and maths was very strong, especially so in English.  Finally best wishes to you for a peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Mariella Wilson – Principal

Spotlight on: At Springwest

In June last year we spent time surveying students, staff and parents. In response we have re looked at our Behaviour Policy. Students have responded really well to the At Springwest we… These are 3 sets of academy expectations. One set relates to calm and quiet movement around the academy. The other two are about how students should focus and respond in their lessons. In lessons we aspire to… rewards students for actions like working independently or answering questions in detail using key language. Each action is given a letter from A to E and the teachers record students’ names with the corresponding letter. Nearly 20 000 positive actions have been logged since September! Alongside this is the In lessons we remember to… expectations. These 6 actions support students in their learning. For example only use appropriate language and allow others to speak without interruption. These points go from 1-6 so again student names are recorded with a corresponding number. Students have reported that they love the clarity of this system. Students have a fortnightly focus to help them understand how they can be rewarded for specific actions in the classroom.

Spotlight on: Drama

The cast of the show have been rehearsing hard for many weeks – so it was with great anticipation and excitement that we waited for the first night of the production. This classic tale of the four Pevensie children escaping wartime London where they discover a magical wardrobe, has been brought alive by Miss. Kelly’s amazing direction. The wardrobe allows the children to discover the forever frozen land of Narnia, ruled over by the White Witch. Our entire Creative Arts faculty worked together to prepare the actors and dancers as well as the design and installation of the magical wintery set, not to mention the fabulous artwork.


Spotlight on: Dance

On 23rd November Year 9 students had the amazing opportunity to perform at the Rambert School of Ballet in St. Margaret’s. Our dancers had been working with both the dance teachers and undergraduate students as part of the Aspire Project 2017. We are all incredibly proud of their commitment and confidence to take part in this collaboration

Spotlight on: Catering

We started a new catering contract just before the end of last academic year. We have been working well in partnership with Compass to ensure that the quality of food is of a high standard. Moving to a cashless system has been very positive and the queues to purchase food at break/lunch are significantly shorter as a consequence. I know there have been some issues with students purchasing items which are then incorrectly recorded and I have spoken to our catering manager about this. One of the advantages of ParentPay should be that you can see exactly what your child is eating. Alongside the popular pasta pots, paninis and baked potatoes there is always a hot nutritious meal served every day with a vegetarian alternative. Menus for 2018 will be uploaded onto our website in the New Year.

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