Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Awards – a record number receive their awards


Thirty five  Year 11 students were presented with their Bronze Award at a presentation evening on 15th March.

They should all feel extremely proud of this achievement. To get this award they had to complete 4 sections, skill, physical, volunteering and the expeditions. Our groups sections included learning to play chess, helping Year 7 students with their reading, helping in charity shops, learning a new instrument and many more. These sections had to be undertaken for at least 1hr per week for 3 months. In addition to this we went on 2 expeditions, one practice to Box Hill and a final to The New Forest. This involves planning a route of around 10 miles, walking with all of their kit, cooking their meals, camping overnight and then doing it all again the next day. They were assessed and all passed with flying colours. The D of E Award is an amazing achievement and employers are looking for alternative qualifications these days on top of GCSE examinations, so I congratulate every single one of them and hope they enjoyed their experience.

Ms Wilson

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