GCSE Results

We are truly delighted with our GCSE results this year. The government’s new headline measure this year is Progress 8 and our result of +0.27 is really outstanding. This means that students achieve on average over a quarter of a grade higher for each GCSE than the national average. This is as a result of us focusing on the progress of all students across the ability range and carefully tracking, monitoring and supporting students throughout the year.  Performance in the core subjects was particularly strong with 76% of  students achieving a C or above in English and 64% of students achieving a C or above in Maths.

Students who performed particularly well included Ben Logsdon (3A*s, 4As, 1B), Alfie Webb (1A*, 3As, 3Bs), Liam Humphreys (5As, 3Bs), Sam Baigent (4As, 4Bs), Mehreen Ellahi (4As, 3Bs, 1C) Abbee Farmer (3As, 5Bs) and Florence Lawless-Hearn (1A*, 2As, 4Bs, 1C).

Congratulations to all students and staff for these wonderful results.

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