Hear about Year 8 visit to Osmington Bay

On a windy Tuesday afternoon, 45 year 8 students descended upon the clifftops of Osmington Bay PGL in Dorset. Without hesitation, our students launched themselves into team building games, competitions and dinner! A strong sea breeze continued into the night, bringing with it, heavy rain which rattled across the accommodation.  Undeterred, year 8 sprung out of their beds and readied themselves for their first activities – after a hearty cooked breakfast of course.  Teachers screamed louder than students as they hurtled down the giant swing and, after ten minutes of a heavy hail storm, students were showing off their mountain biking skills before heading to build some rafts. Some rafts were unsinkable…some were not…either way, everyone seemed to take a dip in the chilly pond; some even left wearing the pond weed.

By Thursday, students were a little sleepier in the morning having been so busy the previous day, but after another humungous breakfast, they were ready to test their survival and rifle shooting skills. Orienteering around the PGL site kept them on their toes, and then they attacked a huge climbing wall; singing songs from Disney films before the instructor allowed them to descend! A trip to the beach and a dance at a disco left everyone very ready for their final sleep of the trip. A beautiful, sunny Friday morning brought some exciting zip wire and quad biking action to the thrill seeking year 8s.  Having had their packed lunches in front of the sea view one last time, year 8 headed back on the coach to Feltham.

Teachers loved the meal times…but were completely overwhelmed by students’ abilities to support and care for eachother, face their fears and take on new challenges. A wonderful trip with year 8!

Laura Mackay
Assistant Principal


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