Hear from our Yr 7 students on how they are settling in …

Hello, my name is Tia and I joined Springwest Academy from Victoria Junior School.  Before I came to Springwest Academy I was really nervous  to begin with because I knew that I didn’t know where everything was and I knew I’d get lost at times.  I was excited however to learn new things and meet new friends.  I have been here just 5 days and already I know my way around and have made new friends with students from other schools and other year groups.  The teachers are really helpful and point you in the right direction when you get lost.  My favourite lesson at the minute is History because I like finding out about things that happened years ago.

Hello, my name is Sean and I joined Springwest Academy from Oriel Academy.  Springwest Academy is a big school which I like because it means there is a lot more space for you at break time and lunchtime to play with your friends.  The playing field and the Astros are great for playing football and team games with other friends.
The teachers are really nice, they help everyone move around and find their way.  My favourite lesson at the minute is PE.  I have school lunches every day and they are really nice.  I love the Hash Browns and break time!

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