January Red Day Activities

On Thursday 31st January we hosted our 3rd and final red day this academic year.  Students from across the academy were involved in activities in the following way:

Year 7 were all involved in a day called Creative Olympics – this day was organised by our Creative Arts department and had students thinking outside the box.  Students were actively encouraged to be creative with all creative arts mediums.  Students designed cultural masks from around the work in Art, the made and designed a maze in Technology, composed and acted out a drama sketch using a stimulus and created a dance routine around a story line.
Students made and decorated cakes celebrating our 50th anniversary and a group of students were involved in guided discovery in PE that allowed them to work closely with other students.
All students showcased their work at the end of the day in the gym.  Please look at our twitter page – there are some fabulous videos of students completing their guided discovery.

Year 8 learned about forces, in particular bridge building.  In groups, students worked collaboratively with each other and designed the best bridge they could using spaghetti, glue and paper!  All students gathered together in the main hall at the end of the day, the bridges were tested and the winning group was announced.  It was a great day for all students to be creative using their mathematical and scientific knowledge.

Year 9 had a series of workshops about post 16 choices.  This work tied in with their option choices and continued their thinking around choices for the future.  Visiting speakers came in and ran workshops on apprenticeships and all the information around these at the various levels and various stages.

Years 10 and 11 continued their drive on revision, in particular how to revise effectively, effective time management and strategies to use in all lessons.  Year 11 had an academic interview from Senior Staff regarding their next pathway as well as a workshop on apprenticeships at 16, 18 and post university.

Please look at our twitter page to see all the great things that happened.

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