Luke’s summary of visit to Kingston University

This week, we went to Kingston University with the NCOP (National Collaborative Outreach Programme) to experience a taster session of the skills and subjects studied at university.

Our first taster session was STEM. We used VR headsets and explored the inside of the human body. Then, we controlled Lego machine cars using Samsung tablets. After that, we learnt how to correctly use an epi-pen shot on a human robot, in case of an emergency and finally we used different lights on a microscope to see mitosis occur in a cell and see the different parts of it.

For the second taster session we learnt about curating. We had a picture and had to come up with story behind that picture. It was quite interesting as I didn’t know what a curator was previously.

Furthermore, in the third taster session was about humanity: how ‘communities’ are important and what are they compared to ‘groups’. It was interesting to see how the other schools thoughts are compared to ours.

Finally, before we left we had a short period where the ambassadors would answer our chosen questions. This really helped as it give me insight on the life of a University student.

Overall I think that this was an eye-opening experience for me and all of my peers. Thank you to everyone who made it such a useful day.


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