Our first Red Day of the Year

Our first Red Day – “All About Me” took place on Friday 11th October and was filled with fabulous moments and insightful opportunities for all our students.  We welcomed a large number of visitors to school and as they left each and every one of them commented on how fabulous our students were.  Students asked brilliant questions in appropriate ways, they worked together collaboratively and they gained information which will be vital for them as they journey through the years.

Year 7 participated in a hygiene unit of work where they  had the opportunity to explore the parts of the body that require constant attention.  This was a sensitive task that was delivered beautifully by their form tutors.  They had a fitness session looking at the importance of fitness in their lives and they were then given the opportunity to download the Think Ninja app for the wellbeing and positive mental health.

Year 8 attended workshops with external professions around personal sexual health, staying safe – including knife and gun crime, gangs and grooming.  Students listened, took part in workshops and asked appropriate questions in a mature way.

We would like to thank Crossways, St. Giles Trust and Dr Tibbs GP for giving up their time to plan workshops around sexual health including STIs, pregnancy, contraception and safer sex as well as personal safety including knife and gin crime, gang violence and grooming.

Year 9 We treated to a workshop by Layton Williams on all issues around LGBTQ.  Students listened attentively to what he had to say and were moved by his life story and where this has taken him now.  Workshops around body confidence were delivered by tutors as well as an external workshop dealing with maintaining healthy positive relationships.  This was delivered by Brook Young People.

Year 10 and 11 Spent time in workshops around post 16 choices, work experience, positive mental health around revision strategies as well as a talk from Mr Lockwood, Principal of Logic Studio School as part of the next stage of their education.

It was an action packed 5 periods and photos of the day can be seen on our Twitter page.  If you are an avid twitter user, please follow us on @SpringwestA

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