Pathways to Law, Roehampton University

A report on our visit by S Chaudry, Year 10.

During the half term, myself, Soumiya, Daisy and Youssou went to the University of Roehampton for The Pathways to Law programme.

It was really fun but educational at the same time. We all learnt how to speak confidently whilst debating and speaking in groups. We were also lucky enough to take trips to the Royal Courts Of Justice and the Supreme Court in Westminster. Whilst there, we heard a variety of different cases which were intriguing and very engaging.

The whole experience was great and we all met new friends there too! It’s made my companions and I think about going to university and some of us would even like to take a law degree. The best part was the FIX up workshop that we did, as it was very motivating and inspirational, teaching us to speak confidently.

Overall, it gave us a real insight as to what it would be like to study law at university and what it would be like to be a lawyer in the future.

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