Performing Arts Live Vision

The Performing Arts ambassadors in Year 10/11 were given a £1500 commission to work in collaboration with Feltham Arts to stage a celebration of Music within the borough. The students completed activities such as planning meetings with the FAA, liaising and communicating with partners, developing the branding and marketing, completing risk assessments and even comparing on the night. Not only was the audience turn out fantastic but we welcomed performances from individuals and small groups from all over Feltham including Rivers Academy and Richmond College. Students were congratulated for their professionalism, work ethic and energy they brought to the event and the FAA have expressed how excited they are to continue the working relationship with our ambassadors programme.

Hayley in Year 10 said:

On Monday 16th May our Performing Arts Ambassadors hosted an event they have been planning for the last few months.  “Live Vision” formed to create a night celebrating culture and music. On behalf of the Performing Arts Ambassadors we would like to thank Feltham Arts for giving us this opportunity, all the performers and Miss Knight and Miss Eyre.

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