PGL trip to Osmington Bay – read all about it

Year 8 residential trip to PGL Osmington Bay Dorset May 2017

On Tuesday 9th May finally the long wait for the Year 8 trip to PGL was over.  Forty-two students, along with rather a lot of luggage, boarded the coach outside Springwest to start the journey down to Osmington Bay in Dorset.

We arrived to bright sunshine and after moving into our comfortable accommodation excitement started to build for our first full day of activities. The Wednesday activities provided one of the highlights of the trip, raft building on Portland at the Olympic sailing centre.  It was brilliant to see all off the students so involved in the building of the rafts, all displaying great teamwork to design rafts that didn’t only look impressive but that also proved to be seaworthy.

That evening we took the students down to the private beach at Osmington where they enjoyed, taking in the sea air, skimming stones, taking selfies and burying each other under the pebbles.

Over the course of the week it was hugely satisfying to see all the students getting stuck in to all the activities. Competitive edges were honed on the orienteering course, fears overcome on the trapeze and zip lines.  Teamwork was needed on the problem solving and in the tunnel trail and fitness was needed on the mountain biking course and bravery and strength on the climbing wall.

Every student tried all the activities and it was such a pleasure to witness them all overcome fears, enjoy new experiences and strengthen their friendships. As their ACO I was also immensely proud of the behaviour and conduct of the students throughout the trip, they were a real credit to themselves, the school and the community.


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