Red Day News – February

Students from Years 7 to 11 were involved in the final Red Day this academic year.  As is usual on these days, it was action packed for students and a very busy time for all teaching staff.

Year 7 were all involved in Creative Olympics; a selection of creative workshops such as Dance, Drama, Technology, Food Technology and Early Years education.  As we also remembered 50 years of Feltham we used this theme in the creative workshops and students looked at the changes over time in parenting and play, the changes of the last 50 years were also used as a stimulus in drama and dance.  In technology, students made models of schools and looked carefully at the changes in schools since 1968.

Year 8 involved themselves in a very successful STEM activity; designing and then building and testing bridges collaboratively in their groups.  Year 9 were detectives for a day as they embarked on a range of coding and decoding exercises and learned about the history of International Espionage.  Year 10 teachers met with students, parents and carers for a successful day of feedback and Year 11 rotated around revision workshops, Science workshops and academic interviews with students, parents and carers.


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