Red Day November 2017 – find out more!

November 21st was the completion of our second Red Day.  It was a day packed with challenges and discoveries of things new for all out students.  Our Year 7 students learned about the world around them; learning about volcanoes, how they affect people who live near them, how volcanoes affect soil textures and in turn how food is grown.  Students then went to Science and made their own lava and enjoyed calculating lava flow.

Our Year 8s led our Charity work for Shooting Star Chase – they listened well to a talk from Shooting Star Chase in which the presenter detailed how the money that is raised across the country is put to good use and how the work they do in their various locations helps to enrich the lives of families who learn to cope with life limiting health conditions.  Students then formed groups for the rest of the day and made Christmas and greeting cards for all occasions.  These cards are on sale on Thursday evening when we have our Year 7 and 8 Family Consultation Evening from 3 – 6 30 p.m.

Year 9 were on trips to London visiting a range of Museums to learn further about the world around them.

Year 10 had their first major Careers day, where they attended workshops from colleagues from industry who spoke to them about their world of work, their working conditions, entrance criteria, promotion possibilities etc. In the afternoon all Year 10 took part in a speed networking  event where they had the opportunity to talk to a wide range of people in various careers.

Year 11 had their first mock career interview.  Students were interviewed by a whole range of people from different backgrounds who have had a wonderful range of careers between them.  We would

like to thank them for giving up their time to support this event.  Year 11 students have reported back just how helpful and beneficial they found the whole process.  In between these interviews students also attended meetings with Senior Staff to discuss post 16 plans and possibilities.

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