Springwest Pause and Dance!

Inspired by Dr Peter Lovatt’s ‘The Dance Cure’, we have explored a new concept called ‘Pause & Dance’. Students and Staff at Springwest Academy have very simply ‘Paused and Danced’ at 9:30am each Wednesday morning over the past three weeks. We are very aware that students and staff are spending more time sat in front of a screen and less time moving so we thought this would be a good way to get everyone up and into their groove!
Dr Peter Lovatt highlights how it is scientifically proven that dancing makes us feel happy, positive and motivated for the day ahead. Not only does dance support our physical health but it also enhances our mental health too, which is at the forefront of our priorities now more than ever. However, Pause and Dance is about so much more than just our health, it is about finding joy in movement and embracing three minutes of simply expressing ourselves. So, put down that coffee – and get those dancing shoes on! Check out our latest three videos below for some inspiration…

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