Springwest Red Day November 2018

It’s great to report about another successful and informative Red Day.  The theme for red day 2 was ‘My Place in the World Around Me’ and featured workshops around:  personal safety, living in unsafe parts of the world, doing kind and generous things for other people as well as thinking about what is important to me.

Today saw Year 7 students learning about road safety and personal safety in all its forms.  Students then learned about volcanoes and the advantages and disadvantages of living next to one and what to do when they or if they erupt.  Students were then subjected to a make shift evacuation where they needed to use the skills they had learned earlier in the day to remove themselves from a situation as safely as possible.  After lunch they were very excited to be looking at the various stages of lava, what it looked like, how it was made and how it affected the land.

Year 8 had an assembly this morning on Charity.  They focussed on the meaning of charity, what it means to be charitable and how charities help people in need.  All Year 8 students were then placed in groups and given a range of materials including glue, glitter, stencils and pens and paints of all colours to make the most amazing range of Christmas cards and greeting cards that you have ever seen.  These cards will be sold at all events from now until the end of the year by our Year 8 Scholars.  All proceeds will go to Shooting Star Chase, our nominated charity here in school.

Year 9 were out in London at various museums looking at the past and learning about the various disasters and victories of times gone by.  Those students who worked in school made the most amazing SOS model villages – see the pictures that we have shared on our twitter page.

Year 10 and 11 had employability workshops where they spent time listening to employers talk about the skills and qualities needed for successful careers.  In the afternoon students had a speed networking carousel session with over 30 employers – again they looked at a range of careers and learned something about each one from salaries to working hours to further training and career progression.

A full range of photographs of the day have been posted on our school twitter page.  To follow us please find us at @SpringwestA and keep up to date with all the amazing things we do.

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