Springwest Students’ Studio Time

On Friday 24 June 2022, seven Springwest students spent four hours in a professional recording studio as a reward for their contribution to music over the last year. Words can’t fully describe how amazing these pupils were and are! Every single one of them played a part in creating an outstanding cover of Sia’s song Diamonds (made popular by Rihanna), which the students now have as a keepsake and all staff members will be hearing this week. 

They were brilliant on the way there, during the recording, mixing and mastering process, as well as on the bus back. Mr Yamuah was astonished at what these students managed to accomplish in such a short space of time and is so glad that some will now be developing their musical talents more diligently. 

Here is how each person contributed to the track… 

Nadia (Year 11): keyboard and vocals
Arohan (Year 10): guitar and vocals
Catalina (Year 10): vocals
Kelsie (Year 10): vocals
Jerrel (Year 10): drums, rap and vocals
Ryva (Year 10): drums and vocals
Kaci (Year 8): vocals

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