Staff and student delight in GCSE results

We are thrilled with the progress of Springwest students this summer. At GCSE students performed well in the core subjects of English and Maths. Results in English were very strong with a significant improvement from last year. Students continue to perform well in Spanish and French. We are confident that we will achieve a positive progress score this year. In addition some excellent results in the open slot qualifications such as Health and Fitness, Drama and Travel and Tourism have ensured students have the qualifications necessary to go onto the pathway of their choice at Key Stage 5. Congratulations to all our students who achieved impressive results at a time when the bar has been raised even higher.

Special mention to Emily and Angelo who between them achieved an impressive 18 Grade 9s! Emily’s Grade 9 in her Spanish is outstanding as that normally only happens with native speakers!

The vast majority of our Year 11 have chosen to stay on as part of the Tudor Park family and will move over to Logic School to study for  a range of A Levels and other Level 3 qualifications.

We are really proud of our students and their hard work. We know that at Springwest ‘we make a difference every day’; these results will truly make a difference to over one hundred young people. A huge thank you to all our staff for their support of Year 11.

At a glance

4+ English & Maths 64%
5+ English & Maths 43%

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