Survivor of the Holocaust talks to Year 9.

Students in year 9 were hugely privileged to hear from Ernest Simon, a survivor of the Holocaust in Germany perpetrated by the Nazis on Jews, homosexuals, Romany Gypsies and other minority groups. The atmosphere in the room was palpable as Ernest recounted stories from his wonderful childhood, before the Nazis and how his life changed dramatically after the Nazis took control over Austria, where Ernest lived as a boy.

Ernest was a part of the Kinder Transport, an organised rescue of thousands of Jewish children from Germany, Austria, Poland and other countries under Nazi occupation. His stories sparked man questions among our hugely inquisitive year 9s who did themselves proud. Ernest commented afterwards about how impressed he had been by the students insightful questions and how well they listened in what was, for him, one of his most enjoyable school talks to date.

Many thanks to Ernest and the Holocaust Education Trust for helping the History department in organising this wonderful opportunity.

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