Year 11 ARC Students Begin Post-16 Transition

The ARC’s Year 11 students recently spent three days working on transition to Post-16.  They spent a day in school learning about how Post-16 is different and how their learning experiences will change.  They also learned about how to access assistance if they need it and how to manage their time and own learning and they were given a talk by an ex-student who was part of the ARC last year.  He was able to tell them all about his experiences and what strategies he employed to help him settle into Post-16 life.

The Year 11 students then spent two days visiting the colleges they will be going to in September.  Firstly, we visited Capel Manor which is located in Gunnersbury Park. We had a lovely day learning about this new place with the sun shining. We also had the opportunity to walk around the park after our visit where we then stopped for some lunch.

Our second visit was to the beautiful Strode College in Egham.  After our visit we went to Virginia Water and visited the ruins and stunning lake. We then went to Runnymede where we had lunch and ice-cream!

The students thoroughly enjoyed these transition activities and now feel more confident about starting their new adventures in September.

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