Youth Forum on Gender Equality

A Report from Ms Swandle on a great day.

We were invited to take part in a Youth Forum to discuss Gender Equality at Brentford School for Girls.  There were a total of five different schools who had all been preparing for the day.  The pupils were asked to take part in various activities when they arrived as a sort of ice breaker, helping to get to know each other.  We then had MP Ruth Cadbury speak about what her role in Parliament is and pupils were given the opportunity to ask her questions.  Questions that were asked both by our pupils and others were very impressive.  They showed that they had really taken the issue of gender equality seriously and sounded very passionate about what they were saying.  Pupils were then chosen to be part of a court case role play where they looked at a case of domestic violence affecting men.  One of our Year 9 Studnets was chosen to be part of the play.

After lunch, we had a video conference with other schools in England and even a school in Italy.  The pupils were so interested in the fact that we had all been working on the same tasks around the country and other parts of the world.  Lastly we split into schools and discussed different ideas about how we could bring about change in our school.  The pupils were absolutely fantastic, I could not have taken a better group of girls.  And they have been so passionate that I have agreed to continue with the group every Tuesday at lunchtime.

Thanks to everyone involved for an inspiring day.

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