Yr 11 Geographers complete fieldwork in Brighton

Year 11 went to Brighton to collect data as part of their GCSE Geography Controlled Assessment task which is worth 25% of their overall GCSE grade. They were investigating the positive and negative economic impacts of tourism in Brighton. Some of the data collecting included counting the number of visitors and finding out the entrance fee at the Royal Brighton Pavilion, Sea Life Centre and Palace Pier to see whether the attractions with the most expensive entrance fee has more or less tourists. The Y11s also walked down the Lanes and along the sea front to find out the costs of tourist items such as post cards, fridge magnets and ice cream to see which tourist part of Brighton was most expensive for tourists. Other than the data collecting, the highlight for the Y11s was having their lunch on the  beach and spending an hour along the Pier. Geography is never dull says Mr Corps (Head of Geography)! 

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