Yr 8 go to Houses of Parliament for Debate Higher

On Thursday 4th July 2019 a group of students from Year 8 visited the Houses of Parliament for the final session of a 6-part project they have participated in throughout the year called ‘Debate Higher’.
This academic year they have had the opportunity to visit 5 different universities to attend sessions to help develop their oracy skills.

Students from Springwest Academy were on the opposition of the final ‘great debate’ which was about whether students should be able to choose what they learn as part of the school curriculum. All students helped prepare an argument and Rashmi Pun had 3 minutes to deliver that argument in front of 5 other schools as well as the judges and university ambassadors.

After receiving questions from the audience, Jodie Polley then had 2 minutes to respond to those questions. Both students spoke with clarity, made really good points and used well-chosen evidence to support them. Overall, all students were fantastic and have worked incredibly hard throughout the year to improve not just their oracy skills but their confidence and vocabulary as well.

Finally, students were presented with a certificate and was given the opportunity to speak to the local MP for Feltham and Hounslow, Seema Malhotra.

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