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The articles below showcase some of the great work going on at Springwest.

It Takes a Village (First Give Blog June 2024)

First Give showcase Springwest's donation drive for the baby bank charity Little Village. In the Autumn Term staff and students collected over one thousand items for Little Village which was inspired by a First Give presentation given by Year 9 students.

First give

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Should Teachers get Friday off (BBC Sounds June 2024)

Mr Hart talks to the BBC's Hayley Clarke about staff wellbeing at Springwest. This includes our early Friday finish and the role of senior leaders in supporting a whole school behaviour policy to allow teachers to focus on teaching.

Bbc sounds

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Would a 1.40pm Friday finish stop teachers quitting? (BBC News June 2024)

The BBC investigate how Springwest Academy has improved staff well being and teacher retention through an early Friday finish, an emphasis on collaboration and no out of hours emails. Teacher mental health and wellbeing are essential to prioritise in the current recruitment crisis, this article looks at what leaders have done at Springwest.

News early finish

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How our Character Journey Began (Virtue Insight May 2024)

The Jubilee Centre share how we began our character journey at Springwest, using their framework of Intellectual, Moral, Performance and Civic Virtues. This was the starting point for establishing character as a central part of school life at Springwest. This year we were awarded the Character Quality Mark which recognises our work around character.


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Teacher Recruitment Crisis (May 2024)

More than a third of Springwest staff have been at the school for over a decade; bucking the trend of the current teacher recruitment crisis. Mr Hart shares his strategies for increasing staff wellbeing and staff retention, including our early Friday finish and culture of kindness. He also shares the importance of 'servant leadership' from senior leaders in order to improve working conditions for staff.


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Ending Education Inequality Report (May 2024)

Teach First asked Mr Hart to share how he is addressing the teacher retention and recruitment crisis.  In this article you can read about how we foster a strong and happy staffing body at Springwest.

Simon flexible working

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