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Vision and Values

Vision statement

‘Intelligence plus Character - that is the goal of true education’ Martin Luther King Jr.

At Springwest, we are determined that each and every student achieves and flourishes. Therefore, we strive to teach ‘Great lessons - every period, every day’ to ensure that our students gain a breadth of knowledge, develop curiosity about the world around them and are equipped to make good moral choices. We keep our core values simple; we expect students to ‘Be polite, Be kind, Be ready to learn’ in order to create a culture of mutual respect.


Be Polite

Members of our school community develop strong relationships based on mutual respect.

Be Kind

Our culture of kindness creates a togetherness amongst staff and students as everyone feels valued and appreciated.

Be Ready to Learn

Students start the day with independent study in Prep and this includes the use of Knowledge Organisers. Our definition of learning as understanding + memory underpins our curriculum and teaching and learning strategy.


Our Character Education framework, based on research from the Jubilee Centre at the University of Birmingham, focuses on the development of four virtue groups: Intellectual, Moral, Civic and Performance.

Intellectual Virtues

Our students are given many opportunities to develop ambition, curiosity and autonomy within and outside of lessons.

Civic Virtues

Our students are encouraged to volunteer, be charitable and develop community pride.

Moral Virtues

Our students are expected to forgive others, show empathy and express gratitude. In our designated ‘Reflection Weeks’ all students write gratitude slips to families and staff.

Performance Virtues

Our students can attend a range of co-curricular clubs each week and try new activities on Character Days. The Performance Virtues of collaboration, bravery and creativity are consistently modelled by staff and promoted through lessons and beyond.

Life at Springwest Academy



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Year 10 Parent

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