Our Houses

Last academic year, we launched our new house system. The six new houses are named after a range of inspiring figures from the local community and diverse historical figures. The six houses are called Farah house, Christiansen house, Attenborough house, Mercury house, Davison house and Seacole house. 

Students gain points for their house through having great lessons, participation in co-curricular activities and house events which run every two weeks.


Which House dO I belong to?

Attenborough house- 7ARE, 8IVO, 9JDA, 10ELO, 10JBI and 11SKO

Christiansen house- 7AHO, 8JFR, 9MTU, 10ZSA, 11LFO and the Centre

Davison house- 7CHO/FBA, 8JMI, 9ADO, 10LGO and 11VNA

Farah house- 7ENE, 8APW, 9ELE, 10ATA, 11AHK/HST and the Arc

Mercury house- 7AEN, 8MEY, 9CBA, 10TKN, 10MGO and 11FCR/LEA

Seacole house- 7AAK, 8IGA, 9PSW, 10JWA and 11NAL


Click the pictures below to learn more about our Houses