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To apply for a place in Year 7 for your child you will need to:

Make an application through Hounslow's School Admissions Service.

If you do not live in Hounslow, you will need to apply using the application process for the borough in which you live.

Further information can be found in our Admissions Policy on the Policies page.

Key Dates



School to publish Appeals Timetable on website no later than 28 February 2023

National Offer Day 1 March 2023

Closing date for parents/carers to lodge a written appeal 1 April 2023

School to acknowledge receipt of appeal no later than 19 April 2023

Last date for the school to submit their evidence 5 May 2023 

Notification to appellants of date and arrangements for their hearing no later than 19 May 2023

Clerk to send copies of all appeals paperwork to members of the appeal panel and appellants no later than 19 May 2023

Last date for appellants to submit any additional evidence 31 May 2023 Appeal Hearings w/c 5 June 2023 


The final decision on the outcome of an appeal will be sent via letter within 5 days of the appeal hearing where possible.

In-year appeals will be acknowledged within 5 school days. Notice of the hearing will be given within 20 school days of the appeal being lodged. Appeals will be heard within 30 days of the appeal being lodged. Decision letters will be issued within 5 school days of the Appeal Hearing wherever possible.

Click here to access our appeals form

Email: admissions@hounslow.gov.uk

Telephone: 020 8583 2711

School Admissions Team
Hounslow House
7 Bath Road

How to apply for a place once the academic year has started

If your child is already in years 7-11 and wishes to apply for a place at Springwest Academy, please contact us to find out if a place is available and how to apply. You can contact us at info@springwestacademy.org or on 020 8831 3000.

Additional Information

Responsibility for the admission of students rests with the Governing Body. All applications for places at the Academy will be considered in accordance with the Admissions Code and with the academy-specific criteria set out below.

Springwest Academy will admit 180 full time students into Year 7 in September 2021. The admission of pupils with a Statement of Special Educational Needs or an Education Health Care Plan is dealt with by a completely separate procedure. This procedure is integral to the making and maintaining of statements by the pupil’s home council. Details of this separate procedure are set out in Special Educational Needs Code of Practice.


In Food Technology we learn how to be healthy and in PSHE we learn about how to have good mental health. We are encouraged to be reflective and responsible for ourselves and those around us.

Joe, Year 8

My favourite thing about Springwest is the diversity, I love that each student or teacher is different in their own way and that the school encourages students to be their own person and to be confident in who they are, no matter their background, orientation or gender. | am proud to know that we are one of the schools that ensure that all students feel welcome.

Student Feedback

The thing I love most about Springwest is the collaboration between the students. Students will aid one another not just in education but in everyday life

Ben, Year 11

Teachers teach high quality lessons with their valuable experiences. Students’ questions are always clarified patiently until we understand the topic.

Jaikishan, Year 11

I used to be a student at Springwest and now I work here. I love helping the students and building a rapport with our families. It is rewarding seeing students understand something they didn't.


Thank you so much for such an amazing experience with First Give. I am really grateful to Ms Swandle for making it so fun for everyone. This is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. - Ameera Year 9

Ameera Year 9

I’m now in Year 11 and I am the way I am today because of my teachers. In Year 7, I had no confidence and would shy away from everyone. However, members of staff have helped me to overcome this.

Year 11 Student

“Post 16 advice and guidance is great, compared to friends at other schools we have so much support. Ms Tupper is really great at it”

student feedback

Life at Springwest Academy

Assistant Principal

Mr Marshall-Banks

English Teacher

Ms Houghton

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Year 9




Year 7 Parent

Year 7 Parent