"The best prophet of the future is the past" - Lord Byron


History IS...

The study of the past in Britain and the wider world. It inspires curiosity in students to know more about the past and equips them to ask perceptive questions, think critically, weigh evidence and give a judgement. Guided by the National Curriculum, History at Springwest delivers a knowledge rich curriculum which values students being able to understand and recall chronology and key historical themes whilst engaging with high level historical debates across the Medieval, Early Modern and Modern periods. Students will be able to comment on the relationship between people/church/state across these periods as well as referencing key events during these time periods. For example The Enlightenment, world conflict and developments in democracy. Students will reference a range of ambitious primary and secondary sources within their enquiries. This will mobilise our students to become more informed and active citizens.



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Did the Normans bring a truckload of trouble?

How did the power balance in England change between people, state and the Church?

Why did Henry VIII break with Rome?

Which of Henry VIII's children was the most significant? 

Why was there a civil war in England in the 17th century?

How was the U.K. created?



What is the narrative of the French revolution?

Did the Industrial Revolution create a ‘hell on earth’?

Why was the British Empire so significant?

How do we remember the British Empire today?

Why was India partitioned in 1947?

Why do historians have different ideas about the abolition of the slave trade?


Was Germany solely responsible for WWI?

What were the consequences of WWI?

How Totalitarian were Italy and Germany?

Were the allies winning or surviving during the key points of WWII? 

Why did the Holocaust happen?

What is the narrative of the Vietnam war?




 Paper 1: How did ideas change about what caused disease?



Paper 1: How did ideas change about treatment and prevention of illness?

Environment study: Medicine on the Western Front WWI

Paper 3: What was the Weimar Republic and why did it face oppositio

Paper 3: How did the Nazi Party take power in Germany?

Paper 2: How did the Cold War start?

Paper 2: What was the narrative of the Cold War? 1945-1991


Paper 2: What were the biggest threats to Elizabeth I's reign?

Paper 2: How did the Cold War start?

Paper 2: What was the narrative of the Cold War? 1945-1991

Revision time & exam practice

Revision time & exam practice


GCSE Exam Board: Edexcel



In Food Technology we learn how to be healthy and in PSHE we learn about how to have good mental health. We are encouraged to be reflective and responsible for ourselves and those around us.

Joe, Year 8

My favourite thing about Springwest is the diversity, I love that each student or teacher is different in their own way and that the school encourages students to be their own person and to be confident in who they are, no matter their background, orientation or gender. | am proud to know that we are one of the schools that ensure that all students feel welcome.

Student Feedback

The thing I love most about Springwest is the collaboration between the students. Students will aid one another not just in education but in everyday life

Ben, Year 11

Teachers teach high quality lessons with their valuable experiences. Students’ questions are always clarified patiently until we understand the topic.

Jaikishan, Year 11

I used to be a student at Springwest and now I work here. I love helping the students and building a rapport with our families. It is rewarding seeing students understand something they didn't.


Thank you so much for such an amazing experience with First Give. I am really grateful to Ms Swandle for making it so fun for everyone. This is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. - Ameera Year 9

Ameera Year 9

I’m now in Year 11 and I am the way I am today because of my teachers. In Year 7, I had no confidence and would shy away from everyone. However, members of staff have helped me to overcome this.

Year 11 Student

“Post 16 advice and guidance is great, compared to friends at other schools we have so much support. Ms Tupper is really great at it”

student feedback

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