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On this page, you will find details about our curriculum offer at Springwest Academy. If you have any queries or wish to find out more about our offer, please contact us at info@springwestacademy.org.


At Springwest Academy, we provide an ambitious, knowledge rich curriculum for all of our students, regardless of start point, in order to promote social justice. All of our students are entitled to acquire the “powerful knowledge” that will enable them to move beyond their everyday experiences and ultimately be successful members of society.

Subject-specific knowledge and skills, guided by the National Curriculum Framework, are at the heart of our curricula. These are delivered sequentially, building on prior learning and promoting progression to help students to develop breadth and depth of knowledge.

To narrow the attainment gap and support successful learning, both now and in the future, our curriculum focuses on the following three pillars:


To widen vocabulary, increase knowledge and improve literacy, students are presented with a range of texts and benefit from dedicated focused reading time.


To improve verbal communication, deepen understanding and facilitate the application of new knowledge, students are encouraged to collaborate, discuss and debate.

Cultural Capital

To improve social mobility, students are exposed to a range of knowledge and experiences which broaden their horizons and increase ambition.


It is expected that:

  • All lessons will begin with a relevant ‘Do Now Activity’ (DNA). This should be largely retrieval.
  •  At Springwest we define learning as ‘Understanding + Memory’, therefore lessons focus on developing understanding of “powerful knowledge” and strategies are used to ensure that learning is committed to long term memory.
  • As the emphasis is on knowledge and subject specific skills, students should practise recalling and applying facts, vocabulary, key concepts and key debates.


The following assessments will be used to see whether pupils have learnt and can apply subject-specific knowledge and skills and to ensure that their depth and breadth of subject-specific knowledge is progressing over time.

It is expected that:

  • All students complete short, regular, knowledge recall tests known as Mastery Quizzes every 3-4 lessons.
  • A drafting process takes place through each unit of work with students receiving formative feedback to support in the creation of a model, or ‘best’ piece of work.
  • Students undertake summative assessments, known as Progress Checks, on at least 3 occasions in the academic year.

What can students study at Key Stage 4?

Core subjects:

English Language

English Literature


Combined Science

Option Subjects:



Early Years




Hospitality & Catering



Religious Studies


Travel & Tourism


In Food Technology we learn how to be healthy and in PSHE we learn about how to have good mental health. We are encouraged to be reflective and responsible for ourselves and those around us.

Joe, Year 8

My favourite thing about Springwest is the diversity, I love that each student or teacher is different in their own way and that the school encourages students to be their own person and to be confident in who they are, no matter their background, orientation or gender. | am proud to know that we are one of the schools that ensure that all students feel welcome.

Student Feedback

The thing I love most about Springwest is the collaboration between the students. Students will aid one another not just in education but in everyday life

Ben, Year 11

Teachers teach high quality lessons with their valuable experiences. Students’ questions are always clarified patiently until we understand the topic.

Jaikishan, Year 11

I used to be a student at Springwest and now I work here. I love helping the students and building a rapport with our families. It is rewarding seeing students understand something they didn't.


Thank you so much for such an amazing experience with First Give. I am really grateful to Ms Swandle for making it so fun for everyone. This is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. - Ameera Year 9

Ameera Year 9

I’m now in Year 11 and I am the way I am today because of my teachers. In Year 7, I had no confidence and would shy away from everyone. However, members of staff have helped me to overcome this.

Year 11 Student

“Post 16 advice and guidance is great, compared to friends at other schools we have so much support. Ms Tupper is really great at it”

student feedback

I really like the school’s focus on oracy because I feel like people don’t learn if they don’t give feedback to the teacher. Oracy gives us the power to form our own opinions.

Caitlin, Year 9

What I love most about Springwest is the support I receive from the teachers, They are always there for you. I also love the club opportunities. I’m a member of chess, Girls’ voice, PE Prep and choir.

Kelsie, Year 11

Such a great place for education. All the teachers are lovely. Shout out to Ms Botha, Miss A Paskin and Miss D Paskin who helped me with my GCSE English. The ARC Department is brilliant. So much support from them all. Five years at SWA went too quick. 2017 to 2022.

Zenon, Ex Student

We as parents appreciate all the efforts done with our kids during the term. Thank you all

Year 11 Parent

Teachers are fair and the ‘Springwest Expects’ policy helps students to regulate their behaviour.

Nikola, Year 8

I would like to sincerely thank you for making the school library, it is a wonderful, magical place which my daughter loves and she uses it with pleasure.


We were very impressed with your students’ curiosity, maturity, and attitude to learning. I hope the students enjoyed themselves and got something from the day. We would love to come back in the future to work with your students again.

External Visitor from Lab in a Lorry

Since returning in September I have noticed a real improvement in behaviour, I’ve even noticed on the bus.

Midday Supervisor

Everyone is given an opportunity to excel.

Soraya, Year 9

My favourite thing about Springwest is the diversity, I love that each student or teacher is different in their own way and that the school encourages the students to be their own person and to be confident in who they are, no matter their background, orientation or gender, and educates children on their own heritage like in AAC, which for some is not easily accessible information.

Kareima, Year 11

“The food is now excellent with so much more variety”

Student Feedback

Felt really special, was a great opportunity for students to chat with teachers on a different level. Decorations were really up a level from what I thought it would be and added to a great atmosphere.

Christmas Dinner Feedback

I would like to pass on that Springwest has excelled in their support to the year 11 students. I cannot fault the provision given, the preparation and the dedication of your teaching staff. I am pleased that my younger son chose to join you in September last year and I look forward to seeing his journey in the coming years.


I love the fact that students are encouraged to voice their issues and concerns but also be themselves.

Danny, Year 11

I am so humbled by the whole experience. So strange its made me so tearful. You must be so proud of how it all went. Incredible. The young girls I was with were absolutely amazing. I learnt so much from this. Thank you.

External visitor feedback from a student voice panel

English is an all round fun subject and Mr Daley is inspirational.

Student Feedback

There is a wide range of support for students, Heads of Years, Pastoral Mentors, teachers and tutors that can help you in any situation. There is always someone who will l look after you.

Samita, Year 9

I observed some lessons at Springwest today and one thing I noticed is that the pupils are so keen to read from the slides and are genuinely excited. This is something I have not seen before and I just wanted to say you have all clearly done an amazing job at inspiring a love and a confidence in reading aloud.

Visiting Teacher

What struck me most is the care and support all staff put in towards all the pupils. This really shows as all the students we interacted with spoke so positively about school life and it's a huge credit to everyone involved.

A visitor from Reach Academy

I came and watched the Addams Family yesterday, what an amazing show. Everyone taking part were absolutely amazing, but Gomez and Morticia were outstanding.


The staff and students here are amazing. There is a really friendly atmosphere where staff and student wellbeing is the priority.


You dedicate so much time and effort into getting the best out of our children. You encourage and inspire them everyday. We really appreciate your hard work.


On a recent visit I was struck by the dedication of all the staff and how clear it is that we really believe in the students of Springwest.

Chair of Governors

“Design Technology involves making stuff with wood and plastic, I really like it and will probably choose next year. Mr Gomez is excellent”

Student Feedback

Staff are supportive of everyone and allow a diverse and inclusive community to thrive

Koby, Year 11

Post 16 advice and guidance is great, compared to friends at other schools we have so much support. Ms Tupper is really great at it.

Student Feedback

Springwest is a really good school with great options for your child with amazing teachers guiding them through their journey.


One special thing about Springwest is their desire to do even better or become even greater and exceed all expectations.

Sara, Year 11

The staff at Springwest are committed to the students learning. The teaching is great. Teachers are always going out of their way to help students.

Year 7 Parent

Coaching enabled me to develop my leadership skills with a group of teachers outside of my subject/faculty. This meant that I was exposed to different teaching strategies which in turn I believe has improved my own teaching practice. The coaching programme has really supported me to develop my teaching and it is an excellent opportunity for staff development at Springwest.


The students here are willing and grateful to learn and are really personable. I’ve never been asked by so many students ‘how are you?’ - which really makes my day.

English Teacher

I love our school library. It’s beautiful! Honestly, it is after joining Springwest that I started enjoying reading books and wanting to read more.

Janis, Year 11

The food is now excellent with so much more variety.

Student Feedback

Since becoming a middle leader, I have been part of the Springwest Leadership Development Programme. Being encouraged to engage with materials such as the Myers Briggs personality test has really supported me to understand why I make certain decisions, how I react in different scenarios and ultimately how I currently want to/ wish to lead.

Head of Department

I know who to talk to if I have any issues.

Student Feedback

I’m dyslexic and get lots of specific help in English with Mr Daley

Student Feedback

The school has such unity with teachers and SLT supporting us. We are a community and it is clear that staff really care

Year 11 Student