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“To be culturally literate is to possess the basic information needed to thrive in the modern world” - E.D Hirsch


English is...

English is the study of the human condition through the words and thoughts of writers. Therefore, our English curriculum gives pupils exposure to a rich range of ambitious texts from our literary history, no matter what their starting point. Through studying a play, poetry anthology and novel each year, our students will not only acquire knowledge which will serve as a foundation to support them in constructing and expressing their own spoken and written opinions, but also, a lifelong appreciation of literature.  

English enables students to acquire a sophisticated range of vocabulary, understanding of critical viewpoints and the ability to adapt register, style and tone to suit a range of purposes, so that they can flourish in all aspects of society. We empower students to develop interest and empathy for people and places beyond the limits of their own realities so that they are able to fully engage with issues of social justice in local and global contexts. 


Sequence of Learning 



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Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare


How do leaders abuse their power?

Speakers of the Ancient World/ Rhetoric


How can I persuade others of my view?

Identity poetry



How do writers convey thoughts and feelings through poetry?

Current affairs


How do journalists write?

The Bone Sparrow by Zana Fraillon


How does the writer use setting, context and theme to create her novel?




Blood Brothers by Willy Russell


How does social class create injustice?

A Force for Change


How can I help to challenge injustices?

War Poetry


How do poets present their opinions about conflict?

Recreative Writing


How do I create imagery?

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak


How does the writer create detailed characters?


Macbeth by William Shakespeare


How does Shakespeare present the corruption of power?

Power and Inequality in non fiction writing


How can I convey my opinion on a range of topics?

Romantic Poetry


How do writer’s aim to impact an audience’s opinion? 

Critical viewpoints


How can I influence my audience?

Lord of the Flies by William Golding


How does the writer present human nature?



Power and Conflict Poetry


How are ideas about conflict and power presented?



A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens


How does Dickens present the themes of the novel?

English Language Paper 1


How do writers create fiction texts?


Modern Text

An Inspector Calls


How has the writer presented the key ideas of the text?

English Language Paper 1/Literature Revision


How does a writer use language and structure to create meaning?




Romeo and Juliet by Romeo and Juliet


How does Shakespeare present his ideas for the eventual tragedy?

English Language Paper 1 Revision


How does a writer use language and structure to create meaning?

English Language Paper 2


How do writers create non-fiction texts?

Revision of all units.

Revision of all units and exams


GCSE Exams: AQA English Literature, AQA English Language


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