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What is CEIAG?

CEIAG (Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance) provides students with knowledge and understanding about their next steps after Springwest. We aim to build our students' ambition and confidence to enable them to make informed choices about their future education and employment.

Our weekly PSHE lessons, alongside our Character Education Curriculum at KS3, ensure that our students develop holistically. Therefore, they leave us with the employability and study skills needed to be successful in the world of work. 

Our CEIAG lead is:  Ms Dunn 

Email:  h.dunn@springwestacademy.org

Telephone: 07507999441

How is CEIAG implemented at Springwest?

In Year 7, students are introduced to our Springwest Virtues through our Character Curriculum. In both their Character lessons and on Character Days, they have opportunities to develop and reflect on these virtues. 

In Year 8, students develop their critical thinking and communication skills through their Character lessons which are underpinned by the Trivium. They also have a CEIAG assembly to encourage them to begin to think about what skills and qualifications they might need when they leave school. From Year 8, students are able to be part of our collaboration with Aim Higher/ Uni Connect.

In Year 9, students work with local charities through the First Give Programme. They complete research into the charity's vision, operations and marketing; allowing them to see first hand how a company operates. We also host a GCSE options evening to ensure that students make informed choices about their KS4 courses. 

At KS3, we provide trips and events with external speakers for students to develop their awareness of different pathways and to raise aspirations. Please see our recent events by clicking on the button under 'What's Going On At Springwest?'. 

Springwest Scholars

Springwest Scholars provides opportunities for students who have demonstrated high levels of motivation and academic achievement.  It aims to empower students to develop their Intellectual Virtues: ambition, autonomy and curiosity. We do this through facilitating students to undertake extra research, exposing them to knowledge beyond the curriculum and enriching their cultural capital. 


Scholars Trip to Royal Holloway University 

For Year 10 students, the focus on Character Days is CEIAG. During these days, students will hear from local colleges, sixth forms and universities. They will also complete skills tests and reflect on their results, investigate different careers and begin writing college/ sixth form/ job personal statements. 

In addition, we provide talks for students on apprenticeships, local labour market information and different options for post-16. All of our Year 10 students complete work experience in the summer term. Last year's placements included: shadowing an MP in Parliament, working with an electrician, working at MRM communication solutions, working at media company UM London and working at local nurseries and primary schools. 

Our Year 11 students receive more personalised careers advice from our Connexions Advisor who meets students one on one. We also provide information to families through our Year 11 Post-16 Information Evening. All Year 11 students are supported to apply for their next steps by their ACO, tutors and subject teachers. They also have the opportunity to attend a careers fair in the autumn term. All Year 11 students have a mock interview with an external professional and receive feedback. 

Work experience 1

Year 10 Work Experience


Our CEIAG Providers And Partners

Our CEIAG Providers and Partners 


Useful Websites

National Careers ServiceInformation about ApprenticeshipsLocal Labour Market InformationUCAS Website 

Post-16 Options Barclays Life Skills