Farah House

Who is Mo Farah?

Did you know that Mo Farah was a student at Springwest Academy? At the time, it was known as Feltham Community College.

Mo Farah is a long distance runner and the most successful British track athlete in modern Olympic Games history. He has won four Olympic gold medals and six World Championships gold medals. 

Mo Farah has shown extraordinary determination and resilience during his career. He is also known to be humble; happily seeking advice and learning from others.

Mo farah









Head of House Introduction

Our house has been designed around the famous and world class athlete Mo Farah.  You may already be aware that Mo Farah attended Springwest Academy in his youth and began his running career from humble origins in our school field. To achieve a world class and unrivalled status Mo Farah has had to be more than a great runner though. He has had to be dedicated, resilient, self motivated and harness his self belief.

At times we all face challenges, but in the wise words of Farah “it doesn't matter what or where you come from, if you work hard you can achieve it”.  As a member of Farah house I would like you to encapsulate this inspiration. Everyone in our house should feel that they can actively participate in house activities no matter what their skill set, ability, background or experience - it is the effort and team spirit that counts.  We will strive to excel not only through our academic and extra curricular achievements but also through our virtues. We will be resolute and undeterred in our aim to be just like Mo, number 1.  

As a fellow student of Mo Farah here at Springwest I am honoured to be your head of house. I believe in you! 

Ms Steele