Christiansen House

Who is Sophie Christiansen?

Sophie Christiansen is an English equestrian (horse rider) who has competed in four Paralympic Games. She has won eight Olympic gold medals, one silver medal and one bronze medal. 

Christiansen has cerebral palsy which affects her movement and balance. She has spoken publicly about the barriers to living with a disability and has campaigned to change accessibility, for example she has successfully improved accessibility for wheelchair users on London’s public transport. She also supports lots of charities. 

Christiansen balances her training with her job as an investment banker.











Head of House Introduction

In Christiansen House, we aim to embody the character and values that Sophie brings, in both sport and the wider world. We emphasise competitive spirit, teamwork and inclusivity. Members of Christiansen House will always try their best, whatever the odds, will be positive and encouraging to their peers in difficult times, and will strive to work together to overcome their challenges. We believe that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. No one is left behind.

Based on Sophie Christiansen's equestrian achievements, our motto is "Una Vehi, Una Insequi!" - Ride as One, Achieve as One!

Mr Franklin