Attenborough House

Who is David Attenborough?

Sir David Attenborough is a biologist, natural historian, conservationist, author and documentary filmmaker. He has dedicated much of his life to raising awareness of environmental issues. He has advocated using renewable energy, reducing meat consumption and looking for ways to reduce climate change. 

Sir David is known for his calm and caring manner. He has been described as being a ‘trustworthy and friendly person, who always makes time to help others’.


Head of House Introduction

As the Head of Attenborough House I am keen to take heed of our illustrious namesake and commit to the safeguarding of this planet for future generations. Attenborough students have the power to change this school and create a legacy to be enjoyed by future students for decades to come. David Attenborough has set a gold standard for broadcasters and environmentalists across the world. This is something I want to replicate in Attenborough House, to create a gold standard for the students of Springwest Academy. We set the standard for how behaviour, effort and community should be approached in the school. Sir David is also known for his caring and compassionate nature, being approachable and a reassuring presence in all our lives. Students of Attenborough house should aspire to emulate this reputation. Anyone should be able to count on an Attenborough student to help, guide or lend a friendly ear in a time of need. 

“Real success can only come if there is a change in our societies.”

I believe that progress can only be made if we change our thinking, not get stuck in the mindset that today will be the same as yesterday and question what we can do to improve. Attenborough students will always have an eye on the future but in the true spirit of one with such lovegevity, remember and build on the past.  

Mr Voysey