Mercury House

Who is Freddie Mercury?

Freddie Mercury was born in Feltham.  He was a singer/songwriter. He studied music and was so passionate about it that he decided that being a singer was the dream he wanted to follow. He was the lead singer of a very famous band called ‘Queen’.

He showed great courage because even when he was very sick, he still wanted to do what he did best and entertain people.









Head of House Introduction

I am delighted to be leading and supporting Mercury house to achieve more successes this year. I have always been inspired by Freddie Mercury and his determination to succeed. He set an inspiring standard of daring to do what he wanted regardless of the expected outcome stating:

"I won't be a rock star. I'll be a legend" 

So many times in life, we disregard the value of the journey and fixate on how something is going to turn out, but sometimes it is important to do what you have to do regardless of the uncertainty of the outcome. Mercury students are encouraged to follow in Freddie's footsteps and trust the process; aspiring to achieve more and take risks along the way. 

Through kindness and generosity Mercury students will bring joy to others through limitless energy, just as Freddie Mercury did. We aim to honour his core values of resilience, gratitude and confidence becoming charismatic respectful citizens with "big dreams". I am so excited to support and nurture members of Mercury House to expand their horizons and succeed in all aspects of their life. 

Ms Eyre