Spelling Bee

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Posted on / June 27th 2023

On Monday 26th June we celebrated the 2nd Springwest Spelling Bee. There was a real 'buzz' in our library as 41 participants were waiting for their turn to showcase their spelling skills. There were three rounds: Round 1 - Word of the Week, Round 2 - Knowledge Organiser Vocabulary and Round 3 - Dictionary Vocabulary, in which students from Year 7, 8 and 9 competed against each other in order to spell dictionary words correctly to get through to the final.

After a tense moment, which saw Jay (Year 7). win the bronze medal, Eehaab (Year 8) and Marcel (Year 7) went head to head in the final. The gold went to Marcel and Eehaab got the silver medal, both students being fierce competitors and showcasing the virtues of ambition and bravery.

Congratulations to Marcel, our 2023 Spelling Bee winner!