Centre Trip to Exmoor

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Posted on / July 11th 2023

The Exmoor residential trip was an experience like no other. It was incredible to see our students experiencing things they have never experienced before and conquering their fears. They were all there to encourage and support each other and it was inspirational for everyone watching them. Every single student did something they thought that they could not do and were incredibly proud of themselves. The students had a sense of independence and thoroughly enjoyed spending time with each other during their downtime, making memories together. As members of staff we can't explain the incredible sense of pride we feel having the pleasure of watching these young people have such an amazing experience and enjoying a once in a lifetime trip at the Calvert Trust at Exmoor. The students have returned to school with new found confidence, positivity and smiles on their faces. Thank you to everyone who donated and supported us with fundraising which enabled this trip to happen. We would also like to thank the Jack Petchey foundation for supporting us financially and  ensuring we met our goal. 

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