Introduction from our new Chief Executive Officer

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Posted on / September 15th 2023



Dear Parents,

I am honoured and delighted to write to you as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Tudor Park Education Trust. You may recall that both Springwest Academy and Logic Studio School are its founding members. It is with great enthusiasm that I embark on this journey to serve our schools and their communities. After nearly thirty years of working in schools across London, I truly believe that great schools give students better life chances and I relish the opportunity to work with you as parents, students and school staff. 

The founding CEO, Victoria Eadie, who retired last academic year, spearheaded the formation of the Tudor Park Education Trust in 2015. I would like to pay tribute to her positive work and dedication in developing the Trust as it stands today. 

In the coming months, I want to learn more about our Trust and I will take opportunities to engage with students, staff, parents and members of the local community. I am truly excited about the possibilities that lie ahead for our educational trust and the incredible journey we are embarking on together. Please know that I am always open to feedback and eager to hear your thoughts. Your input is invaluable as we work collaboratively to create an enriching and fulfilling educational experience for your children. The following email address can be used: to forward any feedback you have about the Tudor Park Education Trust. 

I would like to wish you and your children a successful academic year. 

Yours sincerely, 


Steve Price 

Chief Executive Officer