The Autistic Resource Centre (ARC)

Springwest Academy has a resource centre for autism (The ARC). This centre is a LA resourced provision. The centre is able to accommodate three students in each year group from years 7 to 11 (if appropriate students can join Tudor Park Education sixth form provision). The centre has a total of 15 student places. The students are admitted according to need on the recommendation of the LA. Advice is readily available to any interested parents/ carers regarding admission procedures to the ARC. The SENDCO, Deputy SENDCO and Head of Centre work closely with the appropriate LA officers to ensure appropriate placements.

The Centre is staffed by the following:

  • Deputy SENDCO: Sharron Ryan
  • Head of Centre:  Alia Hussain
  • Deputy Head of Centre: Elaine Murray-Knox
  • Teaching Assistants:  8
  • Support Assistant: 1
  • Speech & Language Therapist (provided by NHS therapy services)
  • Occupational Therapist (provided by NHS therapy services)

Any parent requiring more information about the ARC is encouraged to contact the Head of Centre, Deputy SENDCO or SENDCO. Pupils are required to access a mainstream curriculum with support.

The ARC is committed to meeting the needs of all students who have a centre place.  Our vision is to provide the highest quality of care and education for pupils with autism in order for it to be a beacon of expert information and a model of excellence for integration and inclusion across all areas of Springwest Academy.

The main aim of the ARC is for each individual pupil to access appropriate learning that challenges them to achieve more in all areas of their life: independence, communication, social skills, emotional wellbeing and academic achievement, enabling young people to become valued and active participants in society.  In order to achieve this,  we support pupils by taking into account their individual needs and therefore the provision offered to pupils is bespoke and personalised.

Specialist intervention groups are run within the ARC to enable students with autism to reach their full social as well as academic potential.  Additionally, there are occupational and speech and language therapists who work with students and staff to ensure specialist therapy requirements are incorporated into the work the ARC does with individuals and groups of pupils. Where appropriate, additional adult support enhances the support provided for individuals and groups of pupils in mainstream lessons.