Springwest Scholars trip to Oxford University

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Posted on / January 31st 2023

On Thursday 26th January, the Springwest Scholars went on an incredibly exciting trip to Oxford University.

Their first stop was the famous Radcliffe Square, where students were introduced to the Bodleian Library, one of  the oldest libraries in Europe and the second largest in Britain. They then headed to Somerville College and received a guided tour from current Oxford students who answered all our questions about both academic and social life in the city. In the afternoon the students took part in an 'Oxplore' Workshop focused on Critical Thinking Skills. They enjoyed some passionate debates around some of life's 'Big Questions':

Can War ever be a good thing? 

Does everyone see colour in the same way? 

Could robots be considered humans? 

They ended the day with a tour of Keble College and were amazed by its chapel, gardens and theatre. Perhaps some of our students will return to this city in their future studies!