Character Day

Posted on / April 12th 2023

We once again enjoyed a great Character Day in school that focussed on the virtues of our Character Education curriculum.

Year 7 had a great day exploring a range of performance virtues which took them out of their comfort zone and enabled them to work together with fellow students on a range of performance tasks.

Year 8 learnt about the pros and cons of influencing - they designed products and attempted to influence their peers.  The focus on the use of social media helped them to understand that not all influencing is for our benefit - Moral virtues played a really important part in the day - what is popular, is not always what is right.

Year 9 took part in a day reflecting on the Holocaust - how it came to be and the ramifications to this day of such a horrific event.  

We were delighted to welcome an external speaker into school who gave students a first hand account of life as a prisoner of war during this time.

Year 10 involved themselves in a Jack Petchey "Speak out challenge".  Students prepared speeches and delivered them with confidence and conviction.

Year 11 used their time wisely during the day concentrating their intellectual virtues on Maths and Science  content in preparation for their approaching GCSEs.