Holocaust Survivor Visit

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Posted on / April 17th 2023

As part of the second character day this year, our Year 9 students were given a thorough introduction to the Holocaust, which they will be studying in History next term.

We were incredibly lucky to welcome Cirla Lewis MBE and her husband Philip. Cirla was a child survivor of the Holocaust and told our students of her experiences of being in hiding in Belgium during the Second World War.

A small group of students had lunch with Cirla and Philip and were able to ask questions. The whole year group then gathered to hear Cirla speak of her experiences. Students could then ask her questions about her story.

Our Year 9 students behaved impeccably and asked so many thought-provoking and mature questions. Cirla remarked how mature and respectful all students had been throughout her time with us.

We are sure this is a valuable experience our students will never forget and are very thankful to Cirla and Philip for speaking to our students about such an important part of history.